James 1:6 and Ephesians 4:14 give a description of those whose lives are thrown back and forth like the waves of the sea. Working with those with addictive tendencies, we see that at a high level. On a Friday night meeting, one man comes in with the idea to help a disabled neighbor. The enthusiasm stirs. There is a need on the part of most to feel like “I am a good person.” Sometimes those who have lived the most broken lives can be stirred to extreme sacrifice of goodness—until of course the wave tosses another direction. Too often, the project never quite gets finished. Then another failure. Another depression. Another time of waiting till the next grand idea. Another man has been

The Power of the Wave

In the spirit realm, the power of connection operates outside of time and space. I work with addicts whose consistent failures often mean that they have little or no contact with their children. Over and over again, I repeat to them, “The greatest thing you can do for your children is to be a man of God.” At first, this line seems hollow to them. But those who have made the choice to walk godly have had the opportunity to see first hand just how powerful the spirit realm connection is. Time and again, doors to connecting with children open and the opportunity to have impact accelerates more and more as the connection increases. Abraham and Isaac are a great example of the invisible gene


Why? Why can’t I get better? Why do I stumble in the same ways doing the same things? Like a plane that can’t get off the ground, we often seem incapable of taking flight to the heights that are God’s intended place for us to live. The biblical answer to that “Why?” is the law of sin and death—which is actually a combination of two spiritual laws: the law of connection and the law of heritage. Simply put, the greater the connection between two people, the greater the influence. Beyond just genetics, there is a spiritual connection between father and son, between father and grandson. It is very real and it wields a significant amount of influence. In the midst of Ten Commandments passa

Healthy Pain

Healthy pain helps move you or someone else toward God or godliness. Healthy pain has hope for redemption, transformation, or some kind of positive outcome. When hope of a good outcome fades, pain becomes very sick very quickly. There is pain that is a complete waste of time and effort. Proverbs 19:19 says, “If you go deliver an angry man, you will just have to do it again” (NLT). When a person takes the blows for an angry person, it does absolutely no good except to bring pain on the rescuer. When a person tolerates the abuse of an abuser, it often strengthens the evil tendencies in the abuser. When working with addicts, one of the most powerful questions I ask is “Are you willing t

Finding My Voice

It is hard to know how to react to our modern world. We face a continual cry of coming economic collapse, an unbelievable negative barrage that is our Presidential election, and the moral sickness that has become the norm. How does the godly person respond? I am a pastor. What kind of leadership should I be providing? Where should I speak? Where should I stay silent? I see a drift of Christian leaders toward silence. The words of many Christian leaders excuse or make excuses for the absolute moral depravity of our time. Those who do speak out with a clear moral voice have the feel of the last gasp of a dying man. It comes across more as a whimper than as one speaking on behalf of G

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