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The Power of the Wave

In the spirit realm, the power of connection operates outside of time and space. I work with addicts whose consistent failures often mean that they have little or no contact with their children. Over and over again, I repeat to them, “The greatest thing you can do for your children is to be a man of God.” At first, this line seems hollow to them. But those who have made the choice to walk godly have had the opportunity to see first hand just how powerful the spirit realm connection is. Time and again, doors to connecting with children open and the opportunity to have impact accelerates more and more as the connection increases.

Abraham and Isaac are a great example of the invisible generational pull. Both of them passed off their wives as their sisters in almost identical ways (Genesis 12, 20, and 26). Perhaps it was custom of the day to do something like that. Perhaps Isaac had heard the stories of his father’s behavior, but there was no direct experience linking the two. Isaac was not alive when Abraham pulled this stunt and Abraham was no longer alive when Isaac did the same thing using almost exactly the same words!


There is a power that goes beyond direct experiences. Imagine a room with hundreds of cell phones. Somehow the right electromagnetic wave finds the right cell phone and a call goes through. In the same way, our behavior sets off a spiritual wave that continues to radiate, waiting for the right place and time to be received. As Exodus 20:5 says, sometimes that time is three or even four generations later.

The greater the connection, the greater the influence. Generally, we think of greater connection requiring time and relationship. Opportunities to touch and to persuade create impact. But built into the laws of the spirit, as certain as the law of gravity, is that generational pull. When a father (or mother) chooses to walk with God, it emits a signal. That signal may or may not be received in the next generation. I find it interesting that Exodus 20:5 leaves out the second generation. It is as if God wanted us to see that there is a spiritual power that skips the normal generational influence.

The greatest thing you can do for your children is to walk with God. When you do, there is a signal that goes out and continues to have impact for hundreds of years. It is like a wave that keeps going and going until there is a transfer of energy to some kind of receiver. In Exodus 20:5, this “law” is stated in the negative. It says that the sins are passed to the third and fourth generation. That is the bad news. The good news is that God’s mercy endures to a thousand generations and beyond (Ex. 20:6). The power of wickedness loses its energy, but the power of the love of God endures forever.

The law of connection, with all of its variations is the most significant law of the spirit realm. Generational impact is just one of truths that comes out of this law. What kind of signals are calling to you from those who have gone before you? How can you connect with the mercy of God in a way to ignite God’s power in your life? Though there is much more to be learned, the simple answer is to walk with God. When we do, it activates the good stuff. Our life becomes a receiver of the strength of the generations and there is power to overcome.

Walk with God today and connect in ways beyond your imagination. Your life matters more than you will ever know! Who knows the impact the waves of your life will have thousands of miles away or hundreds of years from now!

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