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James 1:6 and Ephesians 4:14 give a description of those whose lives are thrown back and forth like the waves of the sea. Working with those with addictive tendencies, we see that at a high level.

On a Friday night meeting, one man comes in with the idea to help a disabled neighbor. The enthusiasm stirs. There is a need on the part of most to feel like “I am a good person.” Sometimes those who have lived the most broken lives can be stirred to extreme sacrifice of goodness—until of course the wave tosses another direction. Too often, the project never quite gets finished. Then another failure. Another depression. Another time of waiting till the next grand idea.

Another man has been struggling and is setting up a plan to use. Openly, he is positive about doing good. But secretly, he is thinking about how he can involve someone else so that he doesn’t have to use alone. Just like the one with the grand idea, he feels better if there is a wave of activity. Quietly, he works to connect—to take others with him.

Ephesians 4:13 speaks of coming to maturity. Growing to a place where we are like Christ. Connected in unity with others who are in the faith. That person is steady. He starts in a direction and finishes it. He counts the cost before he starts. His word means something.

The great steps toward maturity seldom are grandiose. The steps toward being a man who is solid are simple things like getting up and going to work. Doing a good days work. Being honest. Paying bills. Fighting through the difficult times with integrity. Caring about those around you. Little by little, day by day, that person becomes solid. He cannot be moved by schemes that appeal to ego or to darkness.

Some people’s solution to being tossed to and fro is “I will not be moved.” They choose to do nothing. To be involved with nothing. Mostly to live in self. That is not becoming solid. It is choosing to stay in selfishness and immaturity.

The great things of God consist mostly of small decisions. Occasionally there is a grand plan that is God’s plan, but more often than not, what makes the biggest difference is being faithful when no one is looking. Do the right thing day after day and the tendency to get tossed around fades away.

What are the small decisions you need to make today that are the biggest decisions? Some decisions truly are “small.” Other small decisions are actually big. Do you know the difference? When we choose consistency in Christ, it is a big decision.

Seek Him today. Follow His voice. Don’t be tossed.

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