Getting Past the Superficial

We seldom get past the superficial with people. How do we get to the deeper levels of relationship? Life can be hard. I just got a text that set me off. Fortunately, since it was a text, I had time to think about it and give a better response. If the person had come at me in person with that same level of accusation and demandingness, I doubt that I would have responded well. One bad response creates baggage. Baggage makes the next encounter not go well. Connection can be difficult. Good connection is life. Bad connection is death. Most connections are a mixture of the good and the bad. So what do we do? Most of us live with a filter that keeps people at a distance. It is safer t

So Much More!

As a culture, we have minimal awareness of things like spiritual flow or spiritual presence. This is especially true in the area of communication. Most of us have been trained to hear the meanings of the words spoken, but only a few are aware of the spiritual factors that are radically shaping our conversations. There is a spiritual aspect to every spoken word and action. (This was covered in the last blog Channel). Everything we do carries a spiritual flow like fear, bitterness, peace, or patience. If all we are hearing in a conversation is the content, we are missing out on a whole lot of what is happening! For those who don’t recognize the spiritual aspects, there is confusion. For

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