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So Much More!

As a culture, we have minimal awareness of things like spiritual flow or spiritual presence. This is especially true in the area of communication. Most of us have been trained to hear the meanings of the words spoken, but only a few are aware of the spiritual factors that are radically shaping our conversations. There is a spiritual aspect to every spoken word and action. (This was covered in the last blog Channel). Everything we do carries a spiritual flow like fear, bitterness, peace, or patience. If all we are hearing in a conversation is the content, we are missing out on a whole lot of what is happening!

For those who don’t recognize the spiritual aspects, there is confusion. For example, we don’t like a person and we don’t necessarily know why. Or we connect and enjoy someone … again, not knowing why. Until we start to recognize the spiritual side of communication, the responses that “just happen” inside of us seem to make no sense.

As spiritual beings, we can’t help but exercise spiritual judgment. The biblical term for that is to “perceive.” We spiritually sense things and most of the time, there is a “this feels good” response or a “this feels bad” response. Sometimes the spirit can be in a limbo land of “I don’t know.” More often, our spiritual part either gives a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Thus, we instinctively “like” and “trust” someone, or the opposite, we dislike them and we don’t know why. Of course we don’t know why because most of what happens at the spiritual level stays at the subconscious level. As a culture, we have exalted the brain and intellectual content above all else. Subconscious and spiritual is confusing to a culture that focuses primarily on content with maybe a little awareness of body language.

As spiritual beings, we perceive first, then connect and receive. The key part of spirituality is connecting. Our connections can bring life or death spiritually. There is constantly a radar scan happening inside of us saying, “Yes.” or “No.” We continually perceive others—spiritually judging them as safe or not safe.

The basis for this subconscious liking and disliking is simple; light hates darkness and darkness hates light. We tend to be attracted to whatever is alive in our spirit at the moment. If bitterness is alive and well, we can suddenly become attracted to a bitter person—as long as there is a common enemy. Bitterness cannot truly connect with anyone, but it can partner up with others to fulfill an objective of hatred. How we perceive another person is mostly a product of spiritual flows—theirs and ours.

Like is attracted to like, and different is repulsed. Spiritual flows can change with different triggers. The right words can trigger the softer side of a person’s heart and suddenly, the whole conversation changes. There is godly connection and it feels good. Something as small as a momentary challenge coming through the eyes can trigger an insecurity which is often followed by anger. Then come harsh words and actions and the relationship is never the same again.

In a similar way, many people reject God because of pride, jealousy or some other dark spiritual flow. Thus those who have a hard heart will tend to stay angry at God because He is perceived as being “silent” when they needed Him. People are drawn to God primarily at a moment of humility; and when humility rules, God is no longer seen as an enemy but as a place to connect.

Perceiving is powerful. We perceive before we receive—before we connect. And most perceiving is dictated by our current spiritual flow. Communication is so much more than the content of words being passed back and forth.

There is a whole new world that awaits those who have the courage to face spiritual reality—especially the truth of the spiritual reality that is at work within them. Like attracts like; so humble yourself and get ready for His blessing—and for better relationships too!

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