Each Person's Glory

As I watched my wife with her daughters-in-law, I could see her glory. The room was alive with things like Pinterest and knitting and meals and so much more. My wife was created to connect in a way that brings a peace and a joy to a room. I get a phone call. There is an intense give and take as I attempt to help someone work through a very difficult situation. I am not my wife, but in my own way, I too am a relationship person. We each have our own glory. First Corinthians 15:41 tells us that there is one glory of the sun, another of the moon and the stars. God has His glory and every human being was created for glory … for substance, for weightiness, for something of inexplicable val

I Want It ... Now

What is driving our nation can be pretty much summed up with the statement, “I want it … now!” Demandingness. The tone of first the rhetoric and then the response escalates day by day. What can be achieved over time is no longer good enough. “Now” is the only thing that will do. How many retail stores would go bankrupt within days if the ultra-extended credit went away? In politics, especially the more rabid supporters of both the Democrats and the Republicans are driven by a lust to “have it now.” Though the two parties may have different visions of how to satisfy a demanding public, the message of both sides is “we will get you the most stuff … now.” And then there is sexual pleas

A Father Figure

You can’t give away what you don’t have. And you only have what you have received. There is a crisis in this nation and it starts with the word respect. A person can only receive in any significant way from someone whom he respects. Sure, there is a receiving of the negative from any source of pain or ugliness. But I’m talking about receiving the good stuff … receiving that something special that activates the life that God has put within us. To open the door to receive the good stuff, there must be respect. Then there is integrity. We need some heroes who live the consistent kind of life that is worthy of respect. God has designed us so that we will never be who we were created to be

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