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I Want It ... Now

What is driving our nation can be pretty much summed up with the statement, “I want it … now!” Demandingness. The tone of first the rhetoric and then the response escalates day by day. What can be achieved over time is no longer good enough. “Now” is the only thing that will do.

How many retail stores would go bankrupt within days if the ultra-extended credit went away? In politics, especially the more rabid supporters of both the Democrats and the Republicans are driven by a lust to “have it now.” Though the two parties may have different visions of how to satisfy a demanding public, the message of both sides is “we will get you the most stuff … now.” And then there is sexual pleasure. We want it all now—no limits, no waiting.

One of the worst four letter words in our vocabulary today is wait. As a culture, we have developed a hatred for that word. God cannot and will not be found on a clock … on our timetable. Isaiah 55:6a warns us to “Seek the Lord while he may be found.” The word “seek” does not imply that we will get something from God in a 30 second window.

God commands us to wait upon Him. Isaiah 40:31 promises us that those who wait upon Him will be renewed in their strength. Our Christian culture is willing to do elaborate praise and worship. Some churches use expensive lights, sets, and fog machines to help them appeal to the fine-tuned demands of an “I want it now” public. Churches will go to great lengths to do visible acts of service in the community. They will set up complex follow up systems to try to reach people. But few churches train their people to wait.

There is a quality of relationship that happens when we wait. I had to learn this one from my wife. She feels loved when I am out of my agenda mode and I am willing to wait in her presence. To wait means that I am with her. Loving and accepting her for who she is. Finding her valuable enough to make her the center of attention … or just to be with her in a way that she is more important than my latest “get it done now” impulse.

Those who learn to wait before God and people will develop the kind of godly character that is capable of having quality relationship. So God asks us … yes even commands us to wait. And most Christians respond by saying, “God, I will do anything for You but that.” Wait is the new four letter word.

Our work with men in a drug and alcohol program took a huge leap forward in seeing lives successfully transformed with one simple change. We gave them a much longer time frame for recovery. Those who wanted recovery quickly consistently failed. Those who were willing to wait it out, to give it more time, saw chances near 100% for radical lifestyle change.

“I want it … now” is destroying our nation. Even as Christians, we tend to be blinded by the demanding, entitled mindset that dominates our culture. Will you be a part of the solution?

Will you wait on God … and on the people He has put in your life?

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