Solid Godliness

Many people who emphasize the importance of the spiritual realm often discount the importance of the body. In Hinduism, the highest spiritual state (nirvana) is to become so dead to the natural realm as to be virtually unaware of it. In the years after Christ’s death, there was a popular heresy that came out of Greek thought called Gnosticism. To the Gnostic, the body was evil and “knowing” was everything. Today, much Christian thought is similar to Gnosticism. Many believe that a simple acknowledging of God is all that is needed for a person to be ok spiritually. The biblical picture of spirituality is much different. How blood functions in a body illustrates how a person’s spiritual

Death by Chocolate

Too much of a good thing! I have ministered to hundreds of highly dysfunctional men. I have yet to meet one person who didn’t have a deep yearning to make a positive impact on those around him. If that is true, why have so many of these men chosen a destructive lifestyle? Everybody has a sweet spot. There is a place where “I am supposed to be good at this. My life should make a difference when I do this.” When people fail at “their” thing, they are quick to get down on themselves and to feel a great sense of failure. Along with the failure comes a high level of pain. What I find is that most highly dysfunctional people are highly gifted in their “thing.” Greater gifting means a greate

Skin Deep

Thought life and emotions are not the deeper part of faith. In a mind centered world, the conscious realm is everything, but the deeper part of faith actually happens at a subconscious level. John 6:44 lets us know that it is the Father who draws us to Himself. Most people who come to Christ believe that they have made a “decision” for Christ. They see their part in that decision, but have little or no awareness of God’s part. If we never become aware of that work of God, which happens mostly at a subconscious level, our walk with God will stay at a surface level. How do we “see” the impact of the invisible spirit realm? The first thing is to acknowledge that it is even there. Everythi


Christianity has been overpromised and oversold. I get it. In a way, it can’t be oversold because we serve a God who is beyond our imagination, so what would there be that He could not do? He can’t lie. He can’t be selfish. He can’t do anything that is contrary to His Word that He has spoken, nor can He do anything that is against His character. In Ephesians 3:20, it tells us that God is able to do above and beyond what we could even imagine … “according to the power that works in us.” The power of God to do things is beyond our imagination, but He chooses to do things according to what is happening inside the hearts of His people. We have generally sold Christianity in America as “God

Faith Works

Our walk. It changes over time. I always thought that as I got older, I would master life. But age and the stages keep moving the cheese. And of course our culture is changing so rapidly that there is clearly no sense of having a handle on anything for any length of time. How do we survive in a world where all that we have learned seems to no longer apply? Mere survival is not the will of God for us. How do we thrive? Faith works. For too many years, my faith has been in my ability to fix things. When the challenges would come, I would once again be scrambling for some kind of solution. I’d be a bit frantic, but I would also try to be the picture of maturity, swiftly sifting every d

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