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I Believe in Character

In a media age, charisma sells. It is not so much what you say, but how you say it. Video is powerful. Sadly, anger and cynicism also sell. On the negative side, the more grotesque it is, the more attention it catches. We are definitely seeing highly charged, profanity laced rants just about everywhere as a means of persuasion.

Because we are glued to screens, both the “beautiful people” and the angry people have a great deal of impact on our world today. If you don’t know someone, the power is in the presentation. The ability to connect is disappearing. The power of the screen has taken over. Genuine relationship is being replaced by hyperbole of speech.

There is a better way. It is character. I had a young man who dropped in to visit with me who commented, “I need to see you. I just feel more grounded after I have spent time with you.” He didn’t say that I gave him great information or emotional support. But he saw an outcome of relationship.

Those who walk with God have the ability to be a lifegiver. It’s called faith. When problems show up, they don’t necessarily have the answer, but they know the One who has the answers. They maintain a faith, a calm. The peace of God remains in the midst of difficult situations.

Spiritual presence is powerful. We all carry some kind of presence. The man or woman of character is able to maintain a right perspective on life despite difficult circumstances. He maintains a presence that is life to those around him. Romans 5 tells us that character comes out of having lived through a series of trials in a way that patiently waits on God. Patience is another word that is largely missing from our world today. Patience is necessary to build faith and faith is essential for character.

The godly person leaves a trail of life wherever he goes. He is not necessarily the most competent person around. He may not seem to have the answers. But there is a stability and strength of character inside him that is a solid place that others can depend on. He is not tossed to and fro with every new crisis—and we do have many of those in the modern world.

I believe in godly character. It is not flashy. It does not necessarily attract attention. It may even seem to be weak at times. But it is not. Who do you know that is solid? Would you like to be a solid person? Put down the screen. Find a person of character and figure out how to do real relationship with someone who has something to give—things like faith and the very presence of God.

Whatever has your attention has your heart. Turn away from the chaos and connect with God and the godly person!

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