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Heart Messages

Do you believe that you need other people? Deep down, most people are egoistic and don’t believe they need other people. A common mantra is “Nobody else knows me like I know me” or another similar one is “You don’t know what is going on inside me.” At a very young age, the belief starts in doing life "by myself."

The truth is, the person that you are the most deceived about is you. Proverbs 16:2 starts with “All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes” and Proverbs 21:2 gives a slight variation saying, “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes.” The instinct of fallen man is to believe self and for the most part to see little or no need for others or for the input of others.

Simple communication. If you don’t believe that you need others, that heart message will come through. It will say, “You are of little or no value to me.” Or it might say, “I will be glad to help you since I know more than you do.” That sends a really good feeling to others. Not!

Many times, people focus on their words and words are very important. How you say something can make a huge difference. But equally important, and over time, perhaps even more important is what is coming out of your spirit? For most people there is an inner voice that is speaking “You don’t know me” or “I don’t need you” or “I don’t want a deeper connection with you.”

God has created us so that we need each other. The church is not a single person. It takes male and female to produce a child. Everything in the Kingdom of God speaks of a group of people being united into one. In fact, Hebrews 11:40 seems to indicate that all of the people of God from all time need one another in order to step into that final level of perfection or completeness.

Oneness is both biblical description and fact. We share outcomes. We need each other. We need others to see truth about ourselves because we are blind to ourselves. We need others to complete our God call, because we cannot do it alone. Ego says “I don’t need you.” Ego is wrong.

One of the greatest crises in our nation is the insecurity that ranges all the way from our Presidential candidates to the seemingly most broken and insignificant person. As long as we continue to believe that we don’t need others, we will continue to send the message to others that “you are of no value to me.” As long as we send that message on a frequent basis and on a high level, we will have a value crisis. We will be a nation of broken and insecure people.

Too often I hear, “I don’t need church to walk with God.” Church isn’t a building. It is the body of Christ. We can’t do our walk with God in the way that He has called without the help of others. A Christian trying to complete his walk by himself is like a woman trying to produce a child without a man. That is not the way were designed.

What do you believe about your need for others? What message are you sending to others? Do you see insecurity in those around you? Are you helping create that insecurity by the messages you are sending? Or are you speaking to others in a way that they feel loved and … yes, significant?

Far too many people choose to believe that they don’t need others because they have been hurt in relationship. Rather than fight through the difficulties of relationship, they choose to believe that they don’t need others. The result of that belief system is to perpetuate insecurity and a low sense of worth which in turn sets the person up for more broken relationships which becomes the excuse for believing even more that “I can do life by myself.”

What you believe is powerful. Do you believe you need others? Is there a message coming out of your heart that lets others know they are valuable to you? Heart messages produce life or death. What is your heart speaking to those who are closest to you?

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