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March 12, 2019

“We don’t

do things by a majority vote.  We operate by consensus!”

That seems like a simple statement, but it set off a number of thoughts.  What does it mean to operate by consensus?  And when is a consensus a consensus?  A consensus is not 100%, so what percent is enou...

February 23, 2019

People often use triggers as an excuse.  “I couldn’t help myself!  Do you know what happened to me?”

The problem with that concept is that triggers have no power unless there is something there to trigger.  There must be a point of woundedness or fear or bitterness...

January 15, 2019

“Why do you keep saying you are an alcoholic?  Don’t you believe in deliverance?”

It is a common question among those who believe in the transforming power of God.  And “Yes.”  There is freedom in Christ.  There should not be an ongoing, plaguing sense of “I am an alcoh...

January 8, 2019

The devil is a squatter.  The more time and space he can occupy, the more ownership he gains.  The devil doesn’t care how he gets ownership of a person.  He can ruthlessly take it.  He can gradually be ceded it.  He can even use a trauma to sneak in almost unnoticed....

December 4, 2018

I just got through praying for someone.  God had moved. Incredible things had happened.  So everything is good now?  Right?

Way too often, the answer is, “No!”

One of the ways we protect ourselves as human beings is shut down.  We close down a part of our spiri...

November 29, 2018

For someone to truly “get over” a wound, the imprint has to change.  In Dead Dogs on the Highway (available on the shop page of effectiveheartchange.com), I compare each festering sore to road kill on the highway of our spiritual makeup.  How do we get rid of the stenc...

November 25, 2018

In today’s culture, the title “Good Judgment” is considered an oxymoron.  The words “good” and “judgment” cannot be used in the same context—which, of course, is ridiculous.  To have the opinion that good judgment is an oxymoron is a judgment!

What has become popul...

November 20, 2018

Linda’s dad left when she was two.  Her mom was shot and killed when she was sixteen.  To help Linda (not her real name) get better, it would make sense that those two incidents would require a great amount of prayer.  But that is not how it works.

We can only...

November 16, 2018

Almost everyone I know talks about “rock bottom.”  The idea that a person needs to hit some kind of extreme low to get better is extremely overrated. 

For most people, the deeper driver of their insanity is insecurity.  The solution for insecurity is for a person t...

November 11, 2018

Effective prayer happens when the legal requirements are met and there is the kind of spiritual connection that leads to transfer to God and back from God to those who have prayed.  In the New Living Translation, Psalm 86:10 says, “Unfailing love and truth have met tog...

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