Your River

“What have you done to try to overcome your depression?” “I haven’t really tried.” In John 7:38, Jesus speaks of a river of life that can and should flow out from us as believers. The more basic fact is that there is a river that flows out from us—whether it is a river of life or a river of death. Especially for those who are more compassionate, when they walk in the room, a single person can send out signals that darken the entire room. No word has to be spoken. There is an outflow … there is an impact on those in the vicinity of those in a dark place. Someone who feels like a victim, along with those who are struggling with depression seldom think about the impact they are having on oth

False Positives

Addicts frequently live on a razor thin edge … and not just addicts. Many of us live stretched to a br eaking point. When we live that way, it takes very little to throw us off the cliff. Life moves from very good to very bad in milliseconds. I believe that all things work by spiritual authority. There are invisible spiritual forces at work continually shaping our choices and "forcing" outcomes that often seem to have no rational explanation. There seems to be no explanation because the forces at work are invisible. As a culture, we are largely unaware of the spiritual forces at work which leaves us confused by outcomes that should have been obvious if we had only understood spiritual

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