Overcoming False Guilt

My biggest enemy to freedom is me. Being a person who sees things in great detail is a blessing and a curse. It gives me a high degree of accuracy in many situations. But more often than not, it turns inward. It is the log and the speck in reverse, producing a kind of continual feeling of guilt that is frequently not a picture of how things truly are. Matthew 7:3-5 details Jesus’ words about the person who is able to be critical of a tiny speck in others, but excuse a log in his own eye. I know many people like that. They see themselves with rose colored glasses, excusing many wrong behaviors but examining others with a magnifying glass to try to find anything wrong. Jesus needed to s

Crushing Guilt

I second guess myself a lot. Doing a rather harsh self search is second nature for me. Guilt has not been my friend. Most of the time, it rules with an iron fist, dominating my senses to the point where it is all but impossible to hear from God. Yes, there are those who need guilt to be more active. Without a conscience, man becomes sick. But guilt that is generated by self is a tyrant. It possesses a person so completely that there is very little room for God to work. Life is in Christ. Life is hearing the voice of God and knowing the voice of God. Many people think that human generated conviction is the voice of God. This voice of self responds to things like ego and reputation.

Processing Anger

Surrender is not easy or fun. It goes against every instinct of our being. Add anger to the mix and surrender becomes that much more difficult. So how do we get things handed over to God? Trying to tamp anger down is a futile effort. The more you squeeze it, the more toxic it gets. A key word is processing. My last blog, “Anger” talked about submitting to what God is saying or to what He is doing. Once we clearly hear the voice of God, surrender is easier … but most of the time, there is still a process to get to the place we need to be. Anger is a motivator. It is a part of the passion family. Without passion, we go nowhere. We do nothing. With unhealthy passion, we go to destru

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