"Just One Drink"

“Why do you keep saying you are an alcoholic? Don’t you believe in deliverance?” It is a common question among those who believe in the transforming power of God. And “Yes.” There is freedom in Christ. There should not be an ongoing, plaguing sense of “I am an alcoholic.” But it is foolish to tempt just how far that freedom can be pushed! In theology, there is a concept called eradication of the sin nature. That would mean that every part of anything to do with an alcoholics past was basically vaporized. Gone. As if it didn’t exist. I do not believe that teaching is biblical. In Matthew 12:36b, Jesus says that every “every idle word men may speak, they will give an account of it in

On Passivity and Possession

The devil is a squatter. The more time and space he can occupy, the more ownership he gains. The devil doesn’t care how he gets ownership of a person. He can ruthlessly take it. He can gradually be ceded it. He can even use a trauma to sneak in almost unnoticed. God wants partnership. Even after a person makes a commitment to serve Him, the following day is a new day. If the person chooses to harden his heart, God will not forcefully hold His authority over the person. God waits for partnership. He reaches out to the person. He allows or even causes the foolishness of the person’s choices to be a wakeup call. But He waits for partnership. He wants a willing bride not a forced con

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