A Reason to Speak

“It’s not worth it!” How often do we feel that way when we make some kind of sacrifice for God or others? I tend to be strategic with my choices. I’m willing to take a chance if I think there can be a “win.” If I think the other person is not going to respond well, I generally keep quiet. That doesn’t mesh well with a concept found in Romans 3:4. In this verse, it speaks of how we as humans judge the actions of God: “That You may be justified in Your words, and may overcome when You are judged” (NKJV). Notice the capital “Y” on “You.” That “You—God.” It is easy to misread this verse because we don’t think of God as being the one who is judged. This verse is actually a quote from Psalm


“Leniency.” Yes. That is what she said in response to what to my question about the meaning of grace. I decided to leave her response alone until a second response came that was similar. With the second answer, much like Jeremiah (20:9) there was a fire lit inside of me! Too much of our culture sees God as “the Big Guy in the sky.” Much the way Greek mythology viewed the gods, God is temperamental. On a whim, He calls this one home. He allows that one to die. A murder here. Mayhem there. God is a god who does whatever he wants with no restraints. Leniency implies that God is free to “go easy” on this person while coming down hard on the next one. Is that really who God is? And is

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