Blameless—We Don’t Justify Their Actions!

“He hit me first!” Nice try, but it doesn’t work. The one who threw the first punch may be held legally accountable, but we are not in the game of legal winners and losers. We are in a contest for hearts. The one who threw the first punch can almost always justify his behavior. The only way to have a leg to stand on in an argument is to be blameless. Even if the other person insults me first, my insult back will cause him to feel justified in what he said, even though he said it before I responded. That is the way we work as human beings. “I knew that’s how he is” is a stronger internal force than who threw the first punch. When we respond back to a person in a way that is even a littl

The Deeper Life

I will be leading a “Deeper Life” intensive in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota on September 22nd and 23rd. If you are interested in joining us, we will be at Brooklyn Park Community Center, starting Saturday at 1 pm. For more information, contact us at or check out the Living Acts Church website. As I think about the audacity, maybe even sheer arrogance of trying to lead a “Deeper Life” training time, I am a bit sheepish. What right do I have to lead that kind of time? And what should it even look like? The people I know who would be the most qualified to lead such a time would be the least likely to set something like that up. The deeper life is simple. It is humble.

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