Correction On the Fast Meal Deal

Just a quick note from yesterday's blog: John Romnes was the author of that piece. I acknowledged his authorship on Facebook but it got sent out to the email list without the acknowledgement. John has been a great friend and we challenge each other with ideas in the area of Christian growth. I wanted my readers to get a chance to hear some of his thoughts. I hope you enjoyed the blog. You can correspond with him at

The Fast Meal Deal

I feel our ability to cook is slowly slipping away, and being replaced by fast food, prepared food, and 1,000’s of recipes at the tips of our fingers. Sure we are “cooking” but do we really have an understanding of what we are really doing? Do we understand portions, foods that “go together” or spices? Even restaurants buy prepared or semi-prepared food from a factory type vendor. The “art of cooking” is applying heat at the final location. We are doing less and less ourselves, resulting in less learning, less discovering, and minimal retention. We have two dogs; Tucker and Maddie. When we are at home in Minnesota, they have their favorite chair they like to sit in and look out the windo

The Friendship Lottery

Most people I know are hoping to strike it rich in the area of friends. “No. That one didn’t work. Cross him off the list!” People often gamble that this will be “the one” and lose. I teach a trust lifestyle. The person going into the trust lifestyle has to know ahead of time that he is going to lose—now and then. But that is much better than losing virtually all of the time. Lottery winners are rare. To play the friendship lottery has an almost certain outcome of losing. When we pin our hopes on a particular person, we are setting up the conditions where we will lose. When two people are thinking about dating, I often say, “You are not ready to be married until you are ready to be

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