Taking Credit

I work with addicts and alcoholics. When they “fail,” I tend to take it personally. I somehow make their choices “my failure.” As long as that is true, I will struggle any time a person is anywhere near a using point. My struggle will communicate to them a lack of faith in them and in their ability to get better. I send that message whether I mean for it to be sent or not. Taking credit. It is huge. I tend to take more credit for successes of others than I deserve. I tend to take more credit for their failures than I deserve. I’m a “loadbearer,” one who takes on the struggles of others at a high level. In my head, I would say that I take more credit for failures than for success, b

It's Not "O.K."

From childhood, we teach our children, “I’m sorry.” “It’s o.k.” It seems innocent enough, but these few words that we teach our children have a great impact on the way we view life. So many adults I work with struggle because “It’s not o.k.” When it comes time to forgive, they can’t make themselves forgive. For them, forgiveness means that they are saying what the other person did was “o.k.” when it is NOT “o.k.” First of all, “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it. “I’m sorry” works when someone has died of natural causes and you have empathy for those who are still alive. It is an expression of emotional support for someone. Does an expression of emotional support work when one person has violat

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