Perfectionists Beware!

Virtually everyone I know struggles with some level self hatred. It seems like the right thing to do. How else are we going to keep control of ourselves? We have to give ourselves a good “beating” now and then or we will get “the big head.” The problem is that this kind of “self control” doesn’t work. In fact, if anything, the self hatred makes the problem worse. The very thing that we are trying to stop inside of ourselves grows in intensity when we focus our attention against it. “I won’t” becomes “I give up.” Start with the simple fact that we are created to be temples of God. We house spiritual presence. Whatever is happening at the spiritual level is one of the most powerful fac

The Sanctuary

My wife and I spent the weekend ministering at “The Sanctuary” in Ft. Morgan, Colorado. It was renewing in every sense of the word. The church had a vision of being a place of refreshing, certainly for the community, but also for missionaries and pastors. They turned that vision into an “apartment” for people to stay, along with a living area that has a fireplace. They even ordered up a snow storm just to make it perfect for my wife. Well … I’m not sure they had much to do with the snow storm. Words matter. Vision matters. The spiritual realm translates to reality. Every single person, every single place has the ability to reveal the image of God in a way that no other person or place


We take ourselves way too seriously. For me, a recent discovery was just how much of our pain actually comes out of others not responding to us the way we think they should. Especially when others are rejecting the part of us that is our created purpose, it is very painful. The servant needs appreciation. The teacher wants to be heard. The organizer wants to see a change in behavior. The mercy person wants emotional validation. A parallel point is that we expect others to respond at a much higher level to us than is realistic. When others don’t respond at the level or with the speed that we think they should, we take it as a personal insult. The bottom line of that response is that w

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