Why Does It Hurt?

Sometimes, that seems like a pretty foolish question. Duh! Did you see what he did? Did you hear what she said? Why does it hurt? It is not as obvious as it seems. I was working with one of my program leaders who was struggling at a high level. Our leaders often deal with all kinds of unhealthy behavior. The negativity of the addicts often gets directed at them. So when one particular response is highly painful for a leader, it is a good question. Out of all the disrespectful behaviors that have come at you this week, why is this one so painful for you? We can only be hurt by what we care about. It really isn’t about the other person and his response. It is about what we care abou


God has blessed me in incredible ways and yet I struggle with dissatisfaction. Part of it is my personality. I am a spiritual entrepreneur. I want to create. To press on. To do new things. What has been done is not particularly satisfying. I look to improve. To grow. To conquer new frontiers. Part of my struggle is being a product of our culture. Everything is instant. We are trained to be consumers, continually watching for the best deal. Always wanting more and better. But a big part of my dissatisfaction is that I need to change. Matthew 5:6 says “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied (ESV). When we are hungry for something bes

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