I Believe in Culture

As I sat and listened to the women on Sunday evening, I realized a shift that had happened. The women’s side of the Omega Project is only 15 months old, and during those months it has gone through the predictable trials of a recovery program. We’ve had many crises. We will continue to face more difficult situations. But there has been a shift. Culture. The prevailing values. Who wins ultimately is decided by what we care about. People will give up amazing amounts of control to evil people, just to have peace and quiet for a moment. In the drug/alcohol world, everybody is looking for something safe. In the name of protecting themselves, most people escalate in ways that are destructiv

The "Cause"

“Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure?” (James 4:1a, NKJV). The word “cause” can mean something I engage in because I think it will make a difference. Or it can mean I am responding to something that “caused” my reaction. How many of the shooters have had a “cause” that they thought justified their behavior? Cause as in provoking incident. Cause as in feeling “justified” to try to set things right. How many people taking to the public air ways spewing vile stuff feel like they have a “cause”? What about so many in positions of power who are taking advantage of others sexually? Do they have some sort of score to settle? How is i

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