True bullies are intimidators. They use some kind of force or the threat of pain to dominate another person. They seemingly take away the choice of a “powerless” person. So what does all the talk about bullying tell us about our nation? For the most part, it comes down to “I’m not getting my way.” Dr. Larry Crabb coined a term many years ago called “demandingness.” The more a person or a group of people expects to get its way, the more demanding it becomes. As a nation, we have fed the beast of “the consumer is always right.” We definitely have been trained to believe that we should always get our way. You hear it in the tone of just about everyone. Demandingness. Left. Right. We

Bullying: A Starting Point

We’ve come to a point where bullying is in the eye of the beholder. There is true bullying where one person intimidates or dominates another person. That needs to be addressed. But it will be hard to take on what needs to be eliminated as long as we fail to see the difference between true bullying and a kind of self proclaimed victim status. It no longer seems to matter what reasonably was said or done, but what seems to be most important is how a certain word or action is received. If a person on the receiving end says it was accusatory or judgmental or hurtful, then it is bullying. What bullying has become is “You hurt my feelings.” It is victimhood. It is assigning power over what h

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