Voices: Real or Psychotic?

One moment, I am working with someone who is struggling to have any clear sense of the presence of God and almost no ability to discern the voice of God. Minutes later I am dealing with someone who is hearing voices, who has been continually told that the voices are not real, but simply a figment of his imagination. He feels like he is a misfit and is told he is psychotic. So are we capable of hearing the voice of God or not? And if we are capable of hearing the voice of God, could it be that we also have the capability of interacting with demonic spirits in a way that is very real? There is one law that governs the spiritual realm. The same law that applies to the things of God also ap

More Than Dumping the Junk

Prayer can be awesome. Unfortunately for way too many people, it is somewhere between lukewarm and lifeless. When prayer is done right, two spiritual entities get on the same page. The spiritual gates open. There is a deeper level of connection. There is a mutual giving and receiving that benefits both parties. In other words, there is communion. We were created to commune with God—to be a temple for His presence. God’s Spirit knocks at the door of our hearts in an attempt to connect with us. If a person is caught up in bitterness or hatred or his own woundedness, there is no room for connection. If there is no humility, if there is no hunger at the spirit level, then there is no room

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