Relationship with a Selfish Person

A relationship with a selfish person is an illusion. It can only happen on his terms. By definition, relationship should be reciprocal. The selfish person takes, but does not return … unless he knows that he will get some kind of benefit from his giving. We all start out with God having selfish motives. The first steps of our relationship with Him are shallow. Those first steps may be intense in feeling. They may produce a seemingly high level of commitment, but for most people, that commitment fades when the beautiful bubble bursts. New love. Whether it is a man and a women, or a person with God, there is the time of new love. There is a time of excitement when “I feel so good when

For Him

A song comes on. I hear a common phrase for modern Christianity. “You make all things work together for my good.” Somehow what is Scriptural truth suddenly feels wrong. We have become a culture where everything is about “me.” Is God truly about “me”? Colossians 1:16b says, that we were created “through Him and for Him.” “For Him.” Today in devotions I read that “David knew” that God had “exalted His kingdom for the sake of His people Israel” (2 Sam. 5:12). There is a bigger purpose than “me.” The “me” is still true. God loves “me,” but when the emphasis shifts from mankind or from the body of Christ to “me,” it starts to feed the selfishness that is so rampant in our culture. Roma

But For One Voice to Rejoice

Because God is always at work to restore, because God has called me to partner with Him in the work of restoration, because my words and my actions make a difference in the final outcome of things, I choose to rejoice and give thanks in all things. I do not rejoice for all things because that would mean that I rejoice in sin. I rejoice in all things because I know the One who is always at work in the midst of all things. As a child of God, I choose the path of faith. No matter what I see before my eyes, I choose to believe that the sovereign God has a plan and is at work to establish His will. The wickedness of the earth was great enough that God considered destroying the entire earth. Bu

Be the Peace of God

Wow! The instant media world we live in brings an intensity and even a trauma level to our lives. The sensational sells. The grotesque is trumpeted. Everything is screamed at a high pitch. We don’t have to live that way. Two of the spiritual disciplines that are seldom even mentioned anymore are solitude and silence. How many people have told me I need time away from my cell phone? The medical world tells us that continuous exposure to electronic gadgets may be harmful to our health. Silence. When does it ever happen in our world? We are too attached to our electronic stuff. Solitude. Purposeful time alone with God, meditating on and listening for God’s voice. We all need at leas

The Self Life Lies

Most of us are fixers. At least when it comes to our own problems we are fixers. There is an internal instinct that resurfaces the two year old behavior of “No. Me do it!” That childish tendency is actually a form of confidence in self. It seldom looks like confidence. It actually looks like and is insecurity. But it is truly confidence in self because we resist the efforts of God and others to intervene. Instead, we depend on our own ability to muddle through. More often than not, that muddling through takes on some kind of negative view toward self. We literally speak to ourselves, calling ourselves stupid, or saying things like “I can’t believe you just did that … or said that.”

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