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Grew up on a dairy farm learning hard work, dedication and resolve with a little dirt in the process.

Taught and coached in a public high school.

Provided significant leadership during the founding years of Elyria Christian School, ranging from teacher, to coach, to bus driver, to administrator, to board chairman.

Pastored Crossroads Assembly of God for over 25 years.

Published 10 books, with several other books completed but not published.

Traveled internationally, teaching, speaking, and training pastors and leaders.

Founded The Omega Project.

Ministered to hundreds of men who struggle with addiction.

Preparing to expand to serve women struggling with addiction.  

I am a systems thinker.  I routinely step outside of normal boundaries to take a look at things from a fresh perspective.  Sometimes, a new look can mean breakthrough in a seemingly impossible situation.  That is my heart.  I don’t study just to gain more information, but to see lives changed. 

I’m frustrated with a form of Christianity that is not able to help people live overcoming lives.  The Bible clearly teaches that God’s life and power is available to us.  Why is the church’s influence shrinking?   

Thirty plus years ago, I started a study of every verse in the Bible that includes the words heart, soul, or spirit.  That study has changed my life.  Our culture believes in a mind centered worldview.  The Bible teaches that our spirit is the deepest and most significant part of our being. 

It has been a struggle for me to learn and to speak “spiritual” in a world that attributes almost all important function to the mind.  In the early years, I would try to explain my new understanding of “spiritual” to many.  It generally resulted in a glazed look, even from supposedly mature Christian thinkers.

I spent years communicating “spiritual” in different settings:  public school, Christian school, churches, and in conferences around the world.  I found “spiritual” is difficult to understand in a mind centered culture, but is openly embraced in cultures where the awareness of spirit is still alive.

Ten years ago, God directed me to start an addiction recovery program.  I got a crash course in how to better communicate “spiritual” on a practical and understandable level.  With addicts, there is no margin for error.  Weak communication translates to instant failure and frustration.  Plus, they weren’t “nice” about feedback.  I either brought things that worked, or I found out about it very quickly.   

I have a passion to see effective heart change.  “Spiritual” is effective.  What I find is that “spiritual” is at best marginally understood, even by those who think of themselves as mature, Spirit filled believers. 

Jesus spoke as one who had authority.  I pray that my words would help people step into the life God intended them to live.  God, give us effective heart change.

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